Saving up money

Had a bad day today. Went to school late for my lab test.. And that scrwed up my day. Coz I got a zero for today’s lab test. Anyways that did not really spoil my mood. I decided to skip class after that and proceeded to the bank to sign up for a Save-As-You-Earn (SAYE) account, by POSB. Then went to town to do some window shopping. Saw a waist pouch and a wallet which I am interested in getting at The Wallet Shop. The cost of both would add up to about $60. With the waist pouch costing $40, and the wallet at $20, all before the discount of 15%. A good deal indeed. Anyways decided to put that on hold. I went to the Body Shop, saw the tea tree oil facial mask costs $20, decided to put it on hold too… Again, I can get it at a discount of 8%. Well, a good day of window shopping with constructing what I want to buy.

Though I went home empty handed except for getting 4 pieces of $5 Popular Vouchers for my group mates who did the CMSK project on Coffee. Instead of treating them to coffee due to them declining the offer. Just felt bad, thus I decided to give them vouchers. I did want to begin my revision today – but was unfruitful. So I will really have to start on Saturday and finish up this week’s revision.


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