Coffee over Tea

What comes to your mind at the talk of Coffee? For me, it’s the taste of hot Mocha from Starbucks. The bitter-sweet taste of mocha with whip cream on top. The taste of less-sweetened sugar on top of the whipped cream and chocolate powder to top it all. When the stirring occurs, some of the liquid overflows. This is how I would describe coffee. I started patronising Starbucks coffee in 2000. The first drink I took was Iced Coffee, wasn’t that nice, bitter. Thereafter, I tried the Frappuccino series – Mocha Frappuccino, Coffee Jelly Frappuccino (limited period), Raspberry Frappuccino, Raspberry Tea Frappuccino (limited period). And more recently as mentioned earlier – Mocha.

Also more recently I did a project on Coffee, it in we talked about the coffee growing process, the good the bad effects of drinking coffee, how to make coffee, coffee sold in supermarkets and the different types of coffee. I would not say that this group project is well done, neither is it sloppy… I just wished that I have not done that at all and instead focus on computer gaming instead…

Now, back to the topic… I would choose coffee over tea. I am in love with coffee, but I hate coffee that is sold in fast food joints. It lacks the unique taste of Mocha. I must admit that I have become fussy about what I drink ever since I started working last December. Now I am still working, but am also still schooling. My days of drinking Tea has long been fading from my sight… Though I still drink tea once in a blue moon… My favourite drinks are Green Tea, Qoo Fuji Apple, hot Mocha drink from Starbucks, Ice Lemon Tea.


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