Went to school today for the usual lecturers and after which went for lunch. Its a boring day today except for revision, revision, revision… – completed my revision for the Database Subject. I’ll move on to JAVA Programming tomorrow – a pretty easy to study subject, and takes at most 3 hrs if the E-Lectures work. 😉

Then I will proceed with what I plan to complete tomorrow… most likely proceed with Networking after I have completed my JAVA revision. And finally touch down on Maths for the last 3 days of the week (Thurs – Sat). With Sunday reserved for relaxation at work.

Went shopping for some food today too – bought 6-pack Ribena Light and a can of Pringles – Sour Cream & Onion… Yummy food… Now I am hungry again… I think its time to get some snack… I have another few days of heavy revision before the final day – 31 Oct… Then I will have to plough through the exams till 6 Nov. And it means I will miss the release of Matrix Revolutions. Anyways it doesn’t matter at all, I will be catching the movie with my friend the following week after its release. And I am going to do some shopping right after and before my exams. Shopping for my personal care products – Facial Foam, Mask, Toothbrush; and Craft Project items for my Teddy Bear which I will start making right after my exams. I will also start reading The Partner by John Grisham, which has been sitting on my bookshelf for sometime… Also not to forget about The Runaway Jury, an adaptation of John Grisham’s Novel, to be released in Singapore a week after the Matrix Revolutions.

Got to run now… Need to go and bye some food…


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