I like blue… as in colour not the band. Saw the newspapers yesterday about Westlife (my fav band) coming out with a new studio album – Turnaround, to be released late November here. So will be waiting for it. Anyways, back to the topic… Woke up not long ago, did my morning routine of eating and surfing the net. As usual, but I feel very bored. There isn’t much I look forward to in the morning anymore. It will be the normal waking up, eating, logging on to feed my Neopet, checking e-mails and internet banking. These are the things I would usually do before I even think about what to do after that.

I also do up planners every weekend for the following week so that I won’t get lost about what I am supposed to do the following week. Hmm… Today I will be in school in the afternoon for my last lesson of the semester. Hope that the lesson shortens to less than 30mins, but it is usually not the case.

Did some drafting last night after blogging and decided on a few steps to take during my upcoming vacation in saving for my wants. My need list has been fulfilled. Thus its only the wants that needs to be dealt with. I suppose that some things can be removed from the want list over time with much consideration. As of now, below is the list of things I would like to have in my want list:

– Teddy Bear Kit

– Contact Lense

– Web Hosting

It is a short but expensive list… Because the items would cost well over $50 for the last two… Anyways the Teddy Bear I intend to make is for experiment purposes. If it is successful, I may make more in future for sale online – as previously said. Enough said for now… need to start my networking revision since I don feel bored anymore… haha 😉 Back for another Blog later tonight… Till then!


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