I’m currently looking into styling my hair for the new year which is like a month odd away… most probably my hair colour maybe dyed a slightly light brown… hmm sounds interesting eh… decided that maybe i should do with a new hairstyle and perhaps colour my hair… but as for colouring my hair that depends. Right now I am looking into changing facial products.. its a change that has to be done every half-a-year when my current product does not do what it is suppose to do.. that means I will be hopping on to a brand call Simple. The product is currently being used by Jeremy, think it would be suitable for me to try it out too…

Anyways, apart from taking centrum (a multi-vitamin pill) I am also thinking about taking anti-ance pills, hope that these pills will help me … The anti-acne pills is produced by Kordels and its made up of herbs… sounds pretty cool to try out… Hope that these pills will help me apart from more sleeping time which will be allocated into my schedule soon… to combat sleepiness.. lol…

I’m also going to cut down on my spending of unnecessary items like CDs… and games… Coz I don’t think they are a need… Just a want thats why I am doing away with as much of these as possible… Right now need to start saving up for the laptop before I meet the half of year 2004…

gotta run now to finish up with showering for facial…


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