New Year Resolutions 2004 update

Haiz… its really boring thinking about the amount of decisions one have to go about making everyday… For me I am still pondering over whether I should go back to my Secondary School for the sake of going back… Anyways afterall, it will not make any difference if I were not to go back at all thats y I also not bothered at all… Anyways, I think I will be bringing the digital Camera with me just incase I would like to snap some pics… When I have decided on going back to Jyss.

As for whether I would regret not passing the card to Debra, i think I should think twice about whether I am really up to the standard to approach given my standard… Perhaps I would like to work on building up my looks and my physic… Thats for my new years resolution I think… that will be to do the following:
1) Laptop
2) Contact Lenses
3) Change SkinCare Products

Right now these are the only major ones… Anyways others would be achieveable only when these have been fulfilled. Wish everyone will have a good holiday ahead…!


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