Hmm… went to visit a friend today after lesson… chatted for quite some time before I received a miss call from Lucas… Called him and decided to meet him at Orchard MRT at 2pm… Initially, I thought I would be late coz i was taking a bus down… But in end up the other way round… by the time I reached orchard it was 2.30pm… thought, he had arrived but he ended up telling me he was on the train… Then after that I proceeded to the library @ Orchard. Collected the books and asked him if he would like to meet at Paya Lebar or Bugis. He told me Bugis… I was initially thinking of Paya Lebar, coz when i called him he told me he was on the train… So I went over the Bugis, but he ended up late… when I called him, he told me he was at Tanah Merah Station. So I ended up screwed and fed up, told him to get out of my sight … that is how I got through today… With one man out of my friend list! It would have sound like an accomplishment or rather a dissapointment on his part… Coz I really feel that he needs to learn his lesson of being punctual… He is always late since the 2nd year we were friends… would not be nice to say since Day 1 I know him…

Anyways, it has become a style of mine to shot gun people who are not punctual… It is thogh not a fashion, but a good way to teach those who are not punctual to be punctual. At least Jeremy would be punctual whenever we go out. However, these days I would prefer to go out alone… The feeling is better compared to going out with friends… except when I ask them out to Starbucks for Coffee…


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