Pick up, Move on

It has been raining cats and dogs for the past few days after chinese new year… How I wish the rain will stop at least for a few days before it starts to rain again… Anyways, while I was listening to Yes933 music diary, I heard the DJ read out a piece of letter from a listener telling his ex about how it feels to have know her for a long time and found out that she has settled down one year after they have broke off. And while he was writing this letter, he is also packing his luggage getting to fly off to Melbourne , Australia to continue his studies… When I was listening, the thought of Samantha came into my mind out of a sudden. I just kinda suddenly relate this to her…

She is afterall someone I have known for six years now since secondary one. We were in the same CCA. After I have finish listening to the programme, I decided to log into hallmark and schedule an e-card to be sent to her on Valentines Day just to wish her. Since I have got no one to celebrate Valentines Day with I might as well send it out to someone whom I feel deserves to be loved, in a foreign land, it would always be nice to receive such greetings… Afterall we will only be friends… And just wish our friendship will last as long as possible.


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