Was browsing through the messageboard provided by WOTC, saw quite a few posts about buying the booster packs in bulk which you one buys the entire box of 36 packs. And it is cheaper than buying from stores by 50% at least. I mean if you reside in the US, you will save more than those of us who live outside the US… Looking at that, I have a good feeling of ordering by boxes too… Possibly getting 1 box of Meridell and Base boosters each in the couple of weeks time… Then perhaps when Neopets releases its future TCG expansions, I will possibly buy 3 boxes.. 2 boxes reserved for my collection, since i am sure the odds is very high of junk that will go into deck builing 😉 That means I will be spending about USD$270 on cards… thats about $400 on Neopets… per TCG expansion… Kinda shocking… but true… unless I think 2 boxes is sufficient… Should think so… think will order 2 boxes for a start…


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