arhem! Hey peeps! Do check out the Neopets TCG Event today and tomorrow at Takashimaya Sq B2. TCG cards onsale from Neopets, Magic and Starwars too. Anwyays was at the even today, saw a huge crowd there. Not bad though, hope that tomorrow there will be more people at the event.

Anyways, today took the OTCM term test then took Express 518 down to Orchard Rd. Reach at about 1pm, saw the neopets magazine too. Real nice, hopefully I will go and buy the next issue. Anyways apart from that, the magazine is selling well though there were only 3 copies and cost $20. I was there for 5 hours and played quite a few rounds.. Kinda like the feeling of winning ;). Also had the chance to play test my deck. Noticed that I had too much bankables and am couting on them to win… However, it is powerful though in the contests almost fail and rely too much on the roll 6.


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