this is the day where there are no worries

this is the day where there are no sleepless nights

this is the day where there are no evil sightings

this is the day where there are no unfaithful spouses

this is the day where there are no wrong doings

this is the day where I can make my own choice…

when will this day come? I really want to know… Deep in thought… I was thinking… how is everything in this world formed?

Just plain sick when I called up the Dealer I had made an order of a box of TCG cards booster, got a cold shoulder. He had not ordered at all… See… it has happened twice… first with another dealer, then I decided to change. And now this same thing has happened again. I’m getting tired of this now… I think the next time I wanna order a box of booster packs, I will go direct to the distributor for it. at the most I pay $10 higher.

Now its 8am ++ in the morning… still have 4hrs to go before school starts or me. Had to go to school coz the CMaths 2 tutor called me up… Haiz… think I really have to let all the lecturers know I changing course which is what I do not wish to do… anyways. life is like that. Now I just hope to get in and start a fresh. coz I know IT is something not suitable for me after playing through 7months odd… I have came to realise that life is short and what I want to do is help those who need help – patients sufferers by giving them care. Ever since I joined SJAB in my secondary school life I have came to understand the importance of life. And, I am sure that I would like to continue my life as a Nurse as I feel that Human Touch is much much better than computers.

Also, I am helping out in my SJAB unit every Saturday for training the future first aiders whom may become like me a Nurse. Which is something inspiring…


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