Today, I receive my latest copy of Men’s Health… Gave it a quick browse through at night and found lots of cool tips to keeping fit and deciding on the health supplements which I will need to get… Yeah, you heard me – Health Supplements. I am getting quite a number of “new” Health Supplements for personal use. Right now, I am taking Centrum, will be changing to Centrum Silver – coz base on the magazine it is said to be better. So i think it should be alright to make the change since their articles are not at all misleading and I can sense that lots of research has been done.

Will also be taking other supplements from Shaklee, a brand I chance upon in Unity Healthcare which is currently having a 20% OFF promotion. The brand is from the USA. Anyways, should be trust worthy and hope that these pills that I am going to take will aid me in my health. I’m trying means and ways to stay healthy so that doctors will be kept at the bay.

Yeah, went to watch The Eye 2 today! Nice show, except for the creepy scores used. I love the movie overall, like the plot especially about recarnation and afterlife… it is much better than The Eye 1. However, I like both. The stories are unique and good.


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