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Well… didn’t blog yesterday due to some personal lack of time… I am not too sure either why I had forgotten to blog. Anyways, had a great time at work doing the ordering and tidying up the store as there wasn’t much to do around and we could have the time to tidy up with 1 staff doing order and the other serving the customer.

Really, enjoyed myself at work. Anyways, in just another 4 days time, I will know about my application. Apart from knowing my application outcome, I have also decided to go for the exams. I feel that it is not worth it wasting the chance of going for something which you have somehow prepared for over the weeks. So it will prove something useful. After I have take the exams then probably wait for the results to be released before I send a withdrawl to the school…

Also next week marks the beginning for me to start clearing my mountain of debts and thus stay debt free and embark on my cross-stitch journey…


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