Heya people… now today… I skipped school went to Bugis Junction to do some window shopping and then went to Orchard to check out some Neopets Stuff… Just kinda bored… Anyways, nothing new found… 😦

Came home, called NYP and was told the results will be out by end of this month by checking thru the Net and thru mail by early May… Still no mood to study for exams… Anyways, slept the whole afternoon and did not feel like doing the cross-stitch either…

Now I think I am building castles… lol Was thinking about how to go about my futre collecting cards and facial and other stuff… Coz I intend to start taking more pills and changing into much heavier SkinCare products… – towards Sports type. Coz, I will be engaging myself into the sports realm soon… Not now coz I am still unprepared…. I may untimately give up my TCG collection… moreover, that is not sought after at the moment… I do not wish to do that just yet… Time will tell whether throwing $300 per expansion set on the TCG with spare cards is worth it afterall… I intend to auction off those extra cards I have with me…


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