Went for the Nursing Interview today… it was kinda smooth process… spoke the the interviewers and some got caught off the guard with some questions and they were kinda asking me if I were to be given a choice to choose another course other than nursing what will I choose? I told them IT along the Business line, moreover, their response was that it is full house… then they asked me if I was keen on engineering courses… moreover my response was no.. coz I am in no way interested in pursuing Engineering…

Anyways enough of that said, then at the end of the interview they told me they will inform me when someone withdraws from Nursing… anyways I would hope that they will give me a chance in taking up Nursing. Afterall, I’m not too sure at this point in time whether or not I will be able to stay on with TP.. and also given that TP does not grant me the chance to stay on I will be going to NS then also again I will be resigning from Spotlight some time in July… Kinda, don’t like the way somethings are happening now…


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