today went with Jeremy to Bugis to source for prices of computer accessories and to get his bags… Pretty bad day coz it rained the whole afternoon… I was really drenched on my way there coz I did not bring an umbrella and ended up with a headache earlier on…

Received a call from Francis in the evening, really must say that you really care… Anyways, I will keep you informed on the outcome of this big ordeal I am facing… its really kinda sickening… to have suffered from what was not meant to have happened due to a bad choice…

Anyways, my plans for now is to get into nursing since TP is a gone case… and it seems it will be either NYP or NS… whichever be the case had impending consequences… one is I will become a Nurse the other being that I will step into society after NS and work for perhaps 4 years at least before, while during that time I wish to gain enough knowledge about doing business to start up my first venture into the retail industry.


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  1. After NS, the way u think, the way u react to things will mostly change. National Service to most men are milestones. Meaning many people changed their outlook on things. I think you have too much things on your hand now. You had best do one thing at a time. Good Luck.


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