hmm been quite sometime since I last blogger… if you are wondering what has happened over the past few days this is my encounter:

– On Wed, I receive a call from my aunty that ITE East (Bishan) has decided to offer me a place in Nitec Nursing. That was after days of hard work at trying to persuade the school to give me the place if any student were to withdrawl. That morning I was at the Tampines Swimmming complex taking my routine swim… then from there I rush back to grab my documents and went straight to the campus.

that afternoon, went to buy a pair of black shoes as well as to do my medical check – up at SATA…

– On Thurs, went to school for first day of lesson. I was very happy coz I have been told my class has got 6 guys (include myself)… Very happy, then everyone mix very well… I like my class coz there was unity amongst everyone…

Also because, i know Darel someone who is about 25 years old as well as Aunty Kim(i think that is what some people call her) who is in her thirty or fourties…

anyways, Lessons were slow but I adapted very well to the class from then on until day 2 (Friday)…

– On Friday, I went to school as per normal and was asked to join Red Cross later in the day by my class advisor as well as my Clinical Nursing Lecturer. Anyways, thought about it however did not commit.

that afternoon, I went to SATA to see the doctor for the final round of check up. There after, I was on my way home… NYP called and told me they are giving me a place in NYP for Dip in Nursing and that I will have to make a trip down to collect my enrolment package. Then I called my cousin who told me to call my aunt coz things won’t be easy to solve now that I am enrolled with ITE and I have a pending admission into NYP… and I am met at crossroads…

There was something in me that told me that I will definitely miss my class for 2 days… since I have been with them I have found my long lost sense of belonging since my secondary school life… anyways, I am prepared to lose this if come Monday I really have been accepted to NYP… anyways I have to make a trip down to Bishan to inform my class advisor that I will need to apply a 2hr leave to make a trip down to NYP to see to the enrolment which I do not have full confidence that it will be successful.

Anyways, I will probably return to my class late and perhaps bid farewell to my classmates if everything goes welll except for my medical report pending collecion on Monday for NYP… coz I rush down this morning to a medical clinic at Taka to do my medical check up round 2… haiz… really dun know what to say now… anyways was kinda sad about leaving ITE Bishan…. anyways, I am determined to publish a book which I think should be completed soon…


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