Exceptional downtime… alright -> school server for eLearning wasn’t doing well today thus I could not do my learning to catch up with my classmates… haiz… so sian… now need to think of what to do liaoz… for the past 2 – 3 hrs have been doing nothing much except chatting with Zong Ming, Engene, Clarabelle & Daryl… so sianz….


Anyways, I find that when I walk to Zong Ming and Eugene the things mentioned will be about education… lolz… I think I shouldn’t be telling them too much abt making decisions… just find that perhaps I had spoken too much about plannings since I had just done my roadplan recently to what I want to acheive…


As for Clarabelle, there wasn’t much to speak to her abt except for school stuff and to complain that the CMS system for eLearning is kinda not working… Then for Daryl was about what happened today since he was a Medic and it is usually nice to share your experiences with others and find him someone whom I feel at ease speaking to… haha, maybe that happends all the while when I meet new people… Anyways, it is just like trying to find a common ground to develop a friendship… anyways, I really find that today’s X-Country was an eye-opener for me when I see Bambang and Yu Im concentrating on what they are doing and they have really outperformed me… anyways I better start revising my First Aid & Home Nursing… liao…


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