how I wish I have the gut to face my worries upfront… since I got the cold shoulder from her today… and its kinda bad since she is like back stabbing me… after the communication skills tutorial today… anyways… I guess its time for me to re-think about what I have done wrong in class… which I doubt has been anything wrong apart from speaking too much i believe…


anyways, how I wish I could tell her there and then that I have been pestering her coz I like her… but couldn’t bring myself to do that… And I just kept myself in a bad mood today and tried my best to refrain from speaking much… guess she must have understood that she had said something bad and just didn’t bother speaking to me either… Afterall, I have gotten over it by now i hope… which is rather true after saying it out to Trippy and Mazlina…


Still, I have no intnetion to let her know… and would remain the same until her brithday before I tell her everyrthing as well as give her a birthday present which I will be getting in late september… after the ISP…

Hope by that time, she would have found a boyfriend… afterall I doubt I want to get attached afterall… its more like a forbidden love to me… I just don’t want to get tied down with a relationship right now… However, I will still let her know about my feelings for her… that I feel she ought to know though I know she might give me a punch if she is furious… haha.. I’ve longed for someone to slap me on the face… since years ago… hopefully she could do the honour to bring me back to reality…


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