I guess… sometimes it is best to not let the other party know about you liking her afterall… anyways, I guess I have underestimated the power of the blog! Yeah, just make a guess what i mean… Basically, it means that my blog secrets has been dug out to the girls… hmm… well basically they have managed to find this place and found out who i like previously… to make it simple…

today, during the break time… in the library, carol asked me a question in front of everyone present in the library… about who I like in our class… Just as the question was asked… i was prepared for a wack by the girl… anyways… basically… it turned out to be the opposite… when I spoke out the name are they cornered out the various candidates… – I spoke of the name…  Clarabelle… just as she found out… I guess she walked out of the library while the rest were laughing all the way… I just couldn’t believe what I saw… coz basically before i said it out… i mentioned that I have withdrawn my love coz I think she has a love interest in mind and it would be pointless getting near her and also becoz after the back stab incident… i just want to have a cool – off period… anyways… I was worried during the 3-hr lect that she will suffer a mental breakdown from the reaction… coz basically I found a liking in her due to her personality…

Its slightly faster than my previous crush – Debra back in TP… (in terms of confession) during that time I only see her in class once a week coz we belong to the different Dip Group… and were just happen to be in the same lab group. The irony was that I did confess to her i like her but things didn’t develop as she wasn’t any much interested and she has also got a bf… which she later revealed to me in her reply message on friendster…

basically I only confess to Debra on V-Day using friendster messanging, that I like her when i had developed the crush on the 2week into school… last semester in TP..

Anyways… I now have switched my target into trying to score in my Dip in Nursing in the hopes of getting good results… and the possibility of working with Samantha in Melbourne, Australia in the near future… (though it could be 8 years (3yrs nYP, 2yrs NS, 3yrs local working to save $$) from now… i guess by then she should be back in SG… then no fate bah… haha… afterall she rejected me 3 years ago and we are still keeping in touch…) 

I do hope that 1 mth later everything will begin to settle down since i won’t see most of the classmates during the attachment at CGH and also I can rest in peace… and hopefully I can pass the skills test next week 🙂

Including this case, i have been rejected 2 times, had 2 one sided cursh (they happen to be attached), gave up 1 time since the other party doesn’t like me but someone else… …



  1. i guess it is important to make sure you communicate well with your crush 🙂 written words, electronic or not, may interfere with your true meaning. good luck with the girls…


  2. rejection is somehow a lesson and an experience. keep goin’ on. it’s parts and parcels of life. people’s comments and stuff can be ignore, its wat u think that matters. =) good luck dude. i believe one day, someone will know how good u are. dun keep yaself down. work it out. see ya ard


  3. sigh.. y muz call ur class gals “auntie”? dun u noe that gals r afraid of old? y cant call ur gals by their name? and i think u better dun gif present 4 e gal whose birthday is at october. u will sure scare her off.. u sae that she was irritated by u, if u gave her present, she will have mental breakdown immediately.. i think u better dun..

    but i also understand how u free.. w/o a frenz at school,is very unbearable. there’s muz be sth tat u 2 cuz ur frenz 2 dislike u.. ask ur frenz wad they dun like about u n swear u will change.. i think ur future will be better..

    all e best 2 u.. (^o^)


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