today markes the 1st anniversay of the blog… (actually it’s suppose to be 30th July…) Anyways, thanks for the comments… I think i will consider whether or not i will give her a present when the time comes… – or probably during my inter-semester attachment… that should give me ample time to think through what can be done…

As for the “aunty” part, I have slowly stopped calling them aunties… since now I’ve slowly known their name… but what’s the big deal about growing old? Somehow or rather our looks will fade off and die… however, speaking of being old… I think it would not make sense to call them aunty… thus… i’m slowly working with that…

Apart from that… what i need is really a long break.. i guess a month out of school should allow myself to stabilize… and doings lots of exercise – say jogging and swimming, should also help…

hmm… I really hope that things will be back to normal… anyways, i’ll be taking my skills test next week for TPR & BP…. wish me luck…



  1. hmmn..why do you still wish to woo her after she had made it clear she’s obviously not interested in you when you admitted to liking her? isn’t that making a nuisance of yourself? i don’t know..but from what i gathered, she really does not want that kind of attention from you..
    i think you should just concentrate on your studies, period.


  2. basically what i meant was that i just want to give her something as in a friend giving a gift… not to woo her… perhaps i wasn’t clear in my train of thoughts when i last blogged…


  3. do wat ya heart feels..
    but do things that feels right for you as well as the other party.
    somehow girls are more fragile than u thought. so conisder the things u do before u take take actions.
    this will make the place a better world.


  4. EvEn u MaKe uRsElf cLeAr tAt u jUz 1 2 giF hEr e pReSeNt As a fReNz bUt wiL sHe tiNk As e sAmE wAy As wAd u tinK? i dUn tinK sO.. nOw wAd u shLd 2 is dUn giF hEr e pReSeNt n mAkE sHe tiNk tHat u dUn liKe hEr aNy mOre, tHat’s mOrE iMpt, u nOe.. u nOe.. u nOe..

    aLL e bEst 2 U.. (^o^)


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