Looks like i’m really a slacker… been slacking the whole day… moving between sleeping and surfing the net.. except for a little bit of revision…

anyways… had a good day sleeping a total of 3 small naps… all in all… anyways… gonna get moving with my revision very soon… yeah… I’m looking forward to the test…. did some memorising work… which i really hate to…. and well completed reading H2 33, anyways just 1 more book to go before it comes to an end… Anyways… am waiting for ChuangYi to to get it published in Aug and also next week will be buying MAR 6.. yippie! My fav comic… hmm wonder when Open Sesame 8 will be publish… coz DDS 15 coming soon liao… but Open Sesame still very slow in publishing locally…


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