hmm… kinda like my day today… plain sailing… swam 10 laps… with a continuous one at the end of my swimming session… at the Tampines Pool… went there at around 12noon… after the group project ended at around 11am… anyways… it is gonna be 3 weeks before i’ll be back in school…

there is this one person whom i really hate to talk to… kinda like to nose into other’s business and doesn’t seem to know that it is just plain rude even after the friday incident… anyways, I won’t name names…. anyways… just hope that she doesn’t stay that way for long… coz I’m just plain irritated by her… minding other’s business…

Anyways, tomorrow will staying home to really start my revision… kinda behind time now…



  1. haiz.. who u hate? i think is that u did sth wrong that’s why ur that frenz wanna 2 sth bad 2 u.. sigh.. so how is ur group meeting? i think is v unpleasent rite? since u sae u dunno how 2 face her..

    all e best 2 u.. (^o^)


  2. hmm… nth much happened… just that everything went as per normal… as for the person i hate… well… don’t wish to talk abt it… haha… let the mystery be a mystery… coz it doesn’t really affect me… I just ignore her as and when i think it’s necessary…


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