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just came back from a hair cut… and bought H2 34 – the last episode of the series… anyways, came back from M’sia at abt 6pm, reach home about that time…

Today, wasn’t that nice overall.. with all the turbulances at sea and the possibility of a crash… uh…. high likely… though we went for seafood at this island in Malaysia by boat from Changi Point… I can still feel a little giddy now as i speak…

Need to wake up at around 6am in the morning… anyways, tomorrow will be going for my attachment liaoz… I’m looking forward to it… Speaking of the incident, yeah, it’s like the returning journey is kinda bad though… We did however managed to catch the last boat out of the jetty in time… As for the journey back, it was full of waves… and the boat driver was moving at high speed all the way until around the metal stills area – a restricted area, i suppose to be P. Tekong…. so he slowed down… just in time and turned a little away from the border coz if were to go further more in.. – i’m afraid – things maybe a little different… further more i suspect that the life floats won’t even be sufficient for us… though we had 14 people.. <- includes the driver… but i was very doubtful about the life saving equipment – life floats…

anyways, overall… to speak the truth… i didn’t want to go for this trip today coz i had a feeling that i may end up back home late… thus, i guess that speaks on why we waited a long time for Bus 2 to come at Bedok MRT as well as the car crash incident where a female driver (i suppose) sped along a narrow road and came crashing into a Bus in the opposite direction and she died instantly though, it wasn’t the bus i was on… but i guess it’s her luck that she has to end her life this way… anyways, now i come to really understand how important we should treasure each day before it becomes outnumbered even though i know that I take each and every day as my last coz i don’t really bother with my life… except for how i wanna to live it up to…!


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