Had a great day today observing how Diabetic Foot Screening is being done as well as spoke to the Staff Nurses on lots of stuff related to Nursing… It’s also quite enjoyable being able to gain an insight into lots of Nursing Care procedures…

Another thing I noticed is that people change over time too… After i did a little bit of revision on my Bio Science, I walked over to my shelve and pickup the 2002 Yearbook and looking into the various pictures as i emerge myself into my secondary school photos… these were the only pictures i have with myself… And I can see a lot of difference comparing some of my juniors and myself from the photos 2 years ago and now… time really passes by…

And some of the teachers are also no longer there… I gues… moving on with each step in life is still the best thing to do… I have dreams for myself to fulfill too… I would hope that oneday I can travel the world hopping between hospitals around the world…

hmm, when i reach home, I was shcoked – a little, to find a CMPB letter for me… looks like i need to make a Deferment for NS soon… coz they are getting me into the army… guess they were not notified about my change of institution… anyways, gonna get that done before i’m due for medical check up in 2 weeks time…


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