Movie – Alien Ve Predator

Guess I was almost late for work today… hahaz… coz over slept by 30mins… then rushed for breakfast and left house around 6.30am… waited for the Bus coz lazy to go walk… the bus came ard 6.40am.. gah, if it didn’t come by then, i might consider taking a cab… lolz…

Anyways, learnt quite a bit today.. won’t go into detail abt that… anyways, I went for a Movie – AVP at GV Tampines with Jeremy and his God siblings… Overall, kinda find that the show is wierd with the funny ways the aliens fight… as for the story line… it looks pretty interesting… Also one thing to note is… Body Shop is renovating soon and courts is in the process of doing that…

Looks like the whole TM is getting a make over.. lolz… coz Gio has gotten one done and I’m not sure when Times is gonna do that…


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