hmm… guess somebody is angry… I am not really sure what is the main reason behind why…. From what i gather, i think it has got something to do with mis-communication… and no one is to blame but somehow she and me are to blame… me for not telling her straight in the face and she for not understanding what the words meant and for over looking some points in the blog post… less than one week ago… (the coloured post)… anyways.. with that said… i’ve got nothing else to comment on… except to say Sorry for the misunderstanding and that the issue is well kept under wraps except for my blog visitors who reads and understands… afterall… in my disclaimer on top i did mention that somethings are for the eyes to see… not the mouth to talk… so i hope you understand what i mean by that too…

coz… there is a spell placed within these words… if one were to break it… i wonder what happens next though…

anyways, Yesterday’s donation were kinda alright… while i was doing the couting today i noticed that some cadets have done pretty well in the collection and am proud of them… while others have not done so well… but i won’t name names though…

kinda feeling like a flu is catching up on me today.. so I will need to take plenty of fluids and rest well too.. as for the matter… it shall end here… coz i doesn’t make any sense to blow it up… seems too childish to do that.. coz a school is for one to learn not to make enemies… To climb high, you need to know what you want in life…

I noticed someone who resembles Joanna today in HQ… anyways… just looks a bit like her twin… but she is definitely older than me by 1yr old… anyways there is also another gurl in my attachment that resembles a bit like Regina… so basically i have been seeing doubles of some kind… both ladies are definitely older than me… by one to two years old.. not saying anything else for now… except… time for another nap… before i continue my 1027 Nursing Processes and Practice…


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