hmm… i guess ‘Life is like a turbulance’.. somehow… somethings need to be changed… today was a day full of ups and downs… sometimes, it really makes me wonder why… life is just full of challenges… one after another… It just ain’t peaceful for me… to come to think of it… I had a bad day today.. really bad… uptill now… i think… first in the morning i had block nose and sore throat… then next, I went to the ward and had to face Susan Loh, she was telling me that i should plan and assess before i push the commode to the patient… then after that, I was assigned to collect the clinical diary by her… well, i just took it as something light… anyways, went to see doc during my first break of 30mins coz the SN did not allow me to take one full hour… 😦

anyways, the happy part was the patient due for China was flown home today and I was also happy because most of the patients have been discharged today.. My mind was at point blank today after being bothered by the doc for giving me only flu pills and no sorethroat medication or even logenzes somemore he can say that my throat is alright… anyways, I think that the person whom i insulted 2 days back was kind enough to tell me that I shouldn’t have called her that.. but I reasoned out with myself the reason behind why… that is… I was really pissed off by her… but i hope that by the time i return from my ISP… I can really change the way i speak as well… as in the words that comes out of me… coz Like what Ah Suan said previously to me… I had to do something abt the things i say so as to prevent provoking people… I guess… it maybe a little hard… but i am definitely trying hard to…

Anyways, i think tomorrow i should be going to somewhere quiet after my ISP to sort out my thoughts… somehow… sometimes.. things are just unpredictable… and i hope the turbulace will subside and be gone…


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