The feeling of returning back to school gives me mix thoughts… I just wonder why… couldn’t i have another 1 week break? How i wish for one… to recuperate myself and release myself from thinking too much into the future… and to let loose my nerves as welll as to de-stress before i start to suffer from depression… lolz <- which could be the cause of my recent sickness… lolz

I have just completed my revision for Psychology this evening… coz this Saturday will be my psychology test… I guess, I’m all set for it? Not exactly… will need to go through one more time… anyways, just hate the idea of going to school tomorrow… coz it’s like i will be having 5hrs of complete break.. in the intervals of 9am-10am and 1pm – 4pm… which also means that i will probably be going to town or someother place in school – not so sure yet… to do some studying or writing of my stories… which i hope can help unwind myself a little… perhaps a cup of coffee at Starbucks could also help me a little…

My day today is quite the normal Sunday of waking up to do some revision, then go out for lunch… except that I went out with Jeremy today, coz need to pass him the Java and Networking notes… sianz, been feeling down lately… anyways, went to Toy’s’rus in Tampines Mall today and it seemed smaller… but I like the new layout… looks neater… as for the Popular, it has not opened its doors yet…

spend about half of the afternoon window-shopping and reach home ard 3pm… went to get the pics from Dax for printing… and i must say his editing skills are far better than mine… and thanks for doing the feather effect… anyways, will pass u the pics once i have them printed coz i dun think i wanna go back… hahaz

hmm, spend the rest of the afternoon sleeping… coz of the medication and then in the evening start my psychology revision… kinda completed most of the book… except for some bits… and should be getting the book bahz… dun know want to borrow and photocopy or just buy… still thinking…

as for the now… I’m here blogging away… anyways, hope that tomorrow will be a fine day for me… and it’s the first day of school after the ISP…


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