Today I left my home late and decided to take service 969 from Tampines Interchange… as I set comfortably on the bus, it sped away via Sunplaza Park towards the TPE enroute to Khatib where i will alight… along the way it passed by Punggol/Sengkang Town… as it passed by… that area and many a times i will look out of the window and study the scenery since most of the time when i take this service I don’t usually doze off, except after i pass this stretch… where there is this flyover that links the two towns… and the so-called broken road… in my terms… I could still remember walking across the vechicle bridge on the sides… sometime ago…

While, my mind was flashing the past… on the lighter note, my day has began to look brighter as i have decided to shelve my thoughts and prepare for the upcoming battle, exams… though, i’ll still entertain thoughs of asking him sooner or later the final question… can we still be friends… maybe i guess time will tell… anyways, it’s no point rushing into things now.. i guess, people need time to think and consider the factors… when making decisions…

Anyways, was late by 5mins for lesson, luckily didn’t miss out much… but felt bad abt the whole class waiting for me… anyways, we did bed bathing for today’s skills pract.. just to observe larx… then, went for psychology… forgotten to bring the textbook, luckily Mr Thomas Sim nvr scold… hahaz, otherwise pengz… anyways, we finally know why he had balded his head, for charity… -> Children’s Cancer Foundation, Bald for a Cause i think -> http://www.ccf.org.sg … after Psychology, we had Norain for Focus on Nursing… she was really mad with us for not preparing the role play… i mean basically.. it had slipped our mind somehow… for group 2… poor things… our group (grp 3) will be presenting the role play in 2 weeks time… then went for the 1hr lunch at South Canteen… (near the Eng wing of the school) it’s really funny for them to ask me who’s my next target… I was like – uh… no one… and they were telling me… go for Xuan He… duh… I’m not even interested in her… anyways, she isn’t my type of gurl… even though I know belle likes someone else… it also doesn’t bother me… coz i nolonger have any feelings for her… maybe Hanafi could be considered as a candidate… hahaz (just kidding) I would still prefer to be single… and if i were to go after anyone, it will definitely not be from NR0418… so.. to the peeps, don’t ask…

then had Ms Tong’s lesson… did some mock test… happy to get 7/10 coz for psychology got 2/8 not becoz never study but it’s due to the Short-term memory… will be studying for it over the next few days… after that went for the BioScience Lect, Mr Ponraj was kind enough to give an hour’s lecture instead of 2hrs… anyways, it was a dry revision on muscles before we went into skin tissue… yay… kinda happy to learn abt skin tissue… lolz

went to TM’s Body Shop to take a look at the new store concept.. it’s really cool that they have arranged the products in a way that they go by the frequency of use per series… which would be self explanatory and easy for customers like me when i go shopping for my facial stuff – especially the tea tree oil series… to treat my blemishes… glad that they are healing well… anyways, just one question… do i really look cute?? I don’t think so.. and this is the second time i’m hearding someone telling me i look cute… and it’s from my mei… duh… dun know… just dun think i look cute.. hahaz… anyways… maybe i’m cute from the way u look at me… take care peeps!


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