Heard from some friends that they had some problem blogging thru blogger… this i suggested them to blog thru e-mail… this is how to blog thru e-mail… this is how

anyways, today went to school… late again.. coz i took quite a bit of time to wake up, use the loo and spend sometime working on my face as well as taking my medication… The lesson went on well and I went to see the Doc during the 3hr break coz my runny nose is coming after me… thus, the doc gave me pills for morning and night… one non-drowsy and the other a drowsy formula…

and I’ve also added quite a bit of friends on friendster last night… hey peeps, long time no see… I guess you guys should be doing well.. and today saw my JYSS junior in the Health Science Wing of the Library.. looks like NYP is flooded with JYSS students lol… anyways, completed my care plan for Doris Tan… a portion of what i am allocated to work on… and i hope i can go for a swim in the afternoon tomorrow…

as for those who think that Jessia is my next target… sad to say… you guys have been fooled by me… hahaz… why do i say that? I’m not interested in anyone in our class… like what i have said, my main interest now is in my studies and nothing else.. my love life comes secondary coz… it’s this time that i really want to achieve what i want to do in life… anyways, one thing for sure… if i ever get to love someone… it will definitely not be from our class… so u guys can set your eyes out of the class and think out of the box… coz you can always expect the unexpected…


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