Just came back from accompanying Amanda to go East point to get some music cds… I too bought one CD – Z Chen’s 4th Album SAVE… but she pay for me first… anyways, today kena stabbed until i got nothing to say in the library while we were doing our ICA group case study preparation. And the mention of me as a Red Lobster makes me think about my good friend who was called Red Crab… at least not by me or others but by her church friends… I guess those who were from SJAB back in JYSS may know whom i’m referring to… I guess, Hanafi called me red lobster is becoz my faced was really very red… then during the Sociology lect, i told him that i do not liked to be called a Red LOBSTER coz… it just reminds me of her… not becoz of anything else… afterall… I’m not sure with myself where she stands in my heart… and whether there will ever be a chance after the first rejection ages ago… anyways now she is in Australia doing her 3 yr Nursing Degree. She flew there right after her O levels for a foundation year there before she proceeded to the University…

anyways, the thought of calling Tze Xing Mrs Kiasu… makes me laugh… guess they were thinking that I was going after Tze Xing… our little cupid here… basically, I’m not… it just happens to me that I got called Mr. Kiasu… then i just though since she is also that busy with something while they were giggling away.. i suddenly blurted it out and it caused me to laugh…

also, Belle’s friend… who came to join us today for 1 day looks like Jennifer – but too bad she isn’t jennifer… hahaz, wonder who’s Jennifer? She was my Primary 4 classmate, she transferred school after our primary4 i think. She came from a broken family, that’s all i know… anyways, this friend of belle, really made me think back into the past…

hmm, before sociology started, the group of ladies where giggling away i guess over who i was going after and then when i went into the LT, they were still talking abt the topic and suddenly i saw Carol… dun know saying what… I guess she is guilty conscious of what she has said… do i bother… not at all… but somehow… i would like to take this opportunity to analyse some people in the class as possible suitors for the fun and laughter, peace and joy, coz ultimately, none will be my target… and i feel that the gang is trying to self-destruct themselves by sabotaging one another as my next target when in real life.. i’m not interested in any… I’m just gonna use short names… not real names

Ca – uh… I don’t really think she suit my taste… unless i am looking for a female dog… so to speak.. but anyways, she loves to gossip…

Na – well, she could be a good choice, but still I’m not interested in her… just friends

Je – actually, I don’t think we click… just good friends…

Tx – well, she can be a cupid… but definitely not my cup of tea

Cl – actually, i don’t know why i previously like you… but anyways, still treat you as a friend… and nothing in particular.

Xh – a rumour of me and her… duh. wait long long… I still think she suits someone better… Too quiet a gurl for me…

Di – You guys won’t know who she is… anyways, I rather she be my good friend.

Ki – Maybe can be my sister bahz, also, a mystery person… hahaz…

so who will be ultimate suitor?? Myself… I don’t think i want of these ladies… still prefer to be single and hope you people can stop match-making me…

hmm, didn’t managed to do my psychology revision… gonna try to revise now… next week i’ll be having my sociology test… then dun know what test coming up… anyways, feel free to post your comments 🙂


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