hmm… had breakfast at Tampines Interchange McD.. then went to school… luckily i wasn’t late… basically, got pissed off by Hanafi today for his nonsense in the lecture hall before we took our psychology papers – which i have no confidence in scoring at this point in time… but just hope for a pass though… I requested for change of seat and got to seat a few rows in front… next to gladyis (from another tutorial group), i think is michelle’s friend.

anyways, after the psychology, went to the library and met Dina chatted with her for a while before meeting my grp ppl. Went into the discussion room and started our discussion which wasn’t that good afterall, not everyone were serious abt their work in the beginning, but as the time went by everyone started to be serious and time passed very quickly… before i knew it, the library was abt to close at 1pm. Rounded up the day, went to meet Dina again then accompany her until 2pm, while we went to McD for me to take my lunch. When her group ppl arrive for her project meeting, I left the campus. went to Spotlight to meet my ex-colleagues, then head over to the body shop to enquire if they have any footcare kit. which turns out, they didn’t have any to offer… anyways, that’s how my day went by with a good afternoon nap.. then woke up ard evening time, started my bioscience revision from 8pm – 9.30pm… solid 1.5hrs and managed to only cover 3pages… coz I was busy drawing diagram and writing down notes… (referencing from Martini and notes). I’m gonna take a break now… maybe continue tml.. or i’ll just do sociology then work on my Focus on Nursing assignment – the story i suppose to write…


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