hmmm… spend morning of 1hr looking for exam papers, but end up cannot e-mail back home, afternoon of 4hrs break in the library doing none other than BioScience revision… then another 1 hr after school in the ePlaza doing eLect 20 for Communication Skills, as well as looking for the NGT CBT… anyways, decided to cut short my stay in school from the planned 9pm to 7pm… somewhat like that… anyways, ended up eating like a pig the whole day… had HotCakes with Sausage Meal in the morning after psychology, then lunch was cheesecake, tea was a ice cream stick, dinner was KFC at NorthPoint for the stupid promo meal.. which wasn’t worth it… then went to Tampines Century Sq for part 2 of dinner of Mee Rebus… lolz

reach home, feeling very exhausted then settle down a lil and then here i am… blogging.. hahaz… anyways, i wouldn’t say i’m very happy with my day… sometimes.. i guess things are just fated to be this way… when u missed it the first time… you may not get the chance to see it again… i guess that is life… just hope for another chance to see it again…


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