hmm, woke up in the morning ard 9am and started to do some bit of BioScience… then went out with Amanda to TM to walk walk before she go Precious Thots work… then there saw some nice figurines and was thinking abt what to get for my mei… hahaz… for X’mas… anyways, then after that went to Spotlight and saw my senior there with his wife i think… (he was with me during my CGH attachment… he still got 1 more week there)… anyways, next week we should be doing our NG tube feeding… i think…

Anyways, just had my ICA HS1027 stuff printed as well as my part for the Sociology Assignment for tml tutorial done… anyways, am gonna start on Chemistry tonight otherwise will be tml… hmm… time is really running a bit too fast… have not even completed the FON Assignment…

Went to Popular at TM today and saw the Colin Raye ‘Love Me’ on one of the CD collection… i think I’m gonna get it soon… Find that the New popular is smaller as compared to the one at the Blk 500 +… i guess i got nth else to blog excpet that I think I will miss her everyday.. coz she is somewhere so near yet so far… lolz… (not Amanda larx!)


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