hmm.. it makes me wonder what friends are for… are they people who sneer at you when you have a boy friend or girl friend? Or are they the ones who give you advises when you need one..? Or do they dictate you and make you do something that pleases them, otherwise you don’t belong and should get lost? It really makes me return to this question and makes me think… what are friends for exactly? Are they people who you just say hi/bye or are they good friends or are they close friends? I group these into 3 degrees… I can still remember saying this to Thomas not too long ago when our friendship got a bit out of shape… coz of this, now i am coming back to the same question… what friend are you to others? A hi/bye friend, a good friend or a close friend?

This is my definition:

hi/bye friend

can be anyone you meet on the streets, online or even your classmates. Or even those who you just come to know…

good friend

someone whom you can talk to and get along very well. At least to a certain point where both click and can talk anything under the sun but keeps out too personal stuff… And definitely not someone you can confide in.

close friend

someone who you can pour your secrets with other than your significant half… as well as those who will give you good advises and encourgae you to go for what you want and not those who just care about themselves and just want you do only things that pleases only themselves and somehow make you live in misery… True Close Friends only emerge during the right time… They will never emerge in time when you are in your honeymoon days, but rather only when you need them and they are around for you…

after rambling so much what am i trying to say? It’s for you to read and write any comment… whether you agree with what i think… I want your views! Please click the comment link to post your views 🙂


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