hmm… guess a few friends are asking me why i look moody… lolz… I don’t think i am moody.. maybe except on Monday when i was really having a black face <- Monday Blues… becoz of the ICA as well as the BioTest… anyways, kinda feeling bored and void… lolz… coz dun feel like doing anything now… and, will be doing my FON assignement tomorrow since not going to sch due to the HS1036 tets going on and also becoz i have passed… erm, wonder if i did the right thing wearing Finding Nemo to school today… coz got this comment from Ms Gwen "did you buy this after you watch the show?" lolz…. actually when i see her, i kinda relaxed down a little coz i kinda tensed up before I took my test and was kinda dun know what to do… somemore Ms Tan was outside also saw me… was telling me to cool down coz i had to cross over from H422 to H405 to prepare my trolley… Personally, i didn't like the idea of the other lecturer testing me though she almost did… hehe coz she looks fierce as she is… <- got assessed by her for my TPR…

Anyways, cleared the test… hope i did well though i don’t know how much i got… I hope i will do well for the ICA presentation as well… hmm.. i guess that’s all folks…!


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