hmm… went to study at Tampines West CC McD with Sharon and her gang… they were a buch of chatty lot at times… i would say… anyways, spend 5 hours from 1300 to 1800 there and managed to cover 2 chapters of Bio from Chemistry to Cell Physiology… Still got 7 more chapters to go… anyways, will be going back to the same place to study next week Sat & Sun. it is a very condusive environment and allows me to really sit myself down to study… I should be able to clear the next 7 chapters… anyways, didn’t do much for the morning and evening… and was late for the study thing… coz i left my hse late… when the meeting was suppose to be at 1200 ended up reaching there at 1230 and ate lunch at McD… yeah… that’s all for today…


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