Speaking of vacation… hehz… I’m on Study Vacation and won’t be blogging much over the next few days all the way til 3 Nov… Anyways, during this time… expet little to no blogging anyways… life’s picking up with loads of problems i perceive… lolz…

It’s the end of the month and bills are flooding… lol.. time to pay for my hosting… :P… and am working on some community project thing on Neocards. Was thinking about attending the AIDS talk on Nov 27 & 28 Nov 2004 -> http://www.afa.org.sg/aidsconference.htm those interested, may refer to the site and register… registration fee is $20.00 SGD. Anyways, decided to give up the idea coz i will be pre-occupied for that week.. thus unable to attend… anyways… that’s all for today.. tata… hopefully i can attain a B for the 1027 paper…


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