This is part 2 of my farewell msg… hahaz… Basically… we went fora “Farewell to our Beloved Pioneer Principal” event today at JunyuanSec. Also to our suprise, we saw the upcoming Prinicpal Mrs Janet”Oh”… mind the pun here.. she is Mrs Lee’s ex-student 30 years ago..shocking? A little anyways, she will be going to Broadrick SecondarySchool from next year… sad… yeah a little… and being thegraduates from JYSS, we stood up to sing the school song when it wasplayed while witholding our tears from flowing down our cheeks as thiscould be the last few times we will be singing the school song…should we be returning.. and it was when the photo album backgroundmusic was played…

All i have to say is Mrs. Lee… we won’t forget you… our mostbeloved principal… though we know you wanted to leave like the flowof the wind… but we really can’t bear to let you go… anyways afterthat we chatted with her and Ms Quek as well as Mr Koh and Mdm Fauziahand Mdm Saleha… hahaz… anyways also told Mdm Saleha I am not keenon going to the HQ afterall… want to concentrate on my studies… asfor my rank.. I’ll forgo it… afterall.. i don’t have the time forHQ..

apart from that.. went Pizza Hut with Amanda & Jeremy.. poor Jeremy…his throat also starting to sore when we left Pizza Hut and went toPrecious Thots and saw Stacy and friends choosing birthday gift forJessica… who will be holding a chalet… i’m nt involved anywaysjust giving them some suggestions anyways I don’t really knowJessica… hahaz…. yeah… went home at about 7pm… then rot untilnow… tomorrow will start to do my revision…


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