the end of the exams marks a new beginning for me… Went down to Precious Thots today to look for Amanda as well as bought a book from Times Tampines Mall… Anyways, she wanted to give me a lunch treat for she won the bid for a PM Hot Air Balloon Figurine. Right at the moment… are still waiting for the seller to confirm the shipping cost before payment can be made… and the current USD to SGD exchange rate is $1.00 = $1.668… sounds cool! Yeah! Am expecting this to go lower…

And bought some X’mas cards to send out for this coming X’mas as well as a 2005 Calendar. Coz i needed one for 2005. Will be getting Stefanie later in the afternoon coz today -> Thurday will have 2 stamps from CD Rama. And will also be submitting memory lane later to the editoral group of Beyond the Screen – Nurse’s Reflection, for their second installment… hopefully the story gets published… keeping my fingers crossed.

Will be devoting this whole week to ironing out the final edition of TCGpedia for Neocards with the new release Expansion set as well as some misc stuff for the forums (avatars, skins, wallpaper and staff e-mails)

then will proceed on with the competitions, books i am reading, writing stories, photos and cross-stitch. A busy vacation ahead ehz… kinda…


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