it makes we wonder… what is exactly the meaning of sorry… frankly… you saying sorry for always being late is just an excuse on its own… for one… you have always been making me wait for you at least 30 – 90 mins and sometimes even more… just because you have overslept on the train or because you over slept at home… and each word of your saying sorry weighs down to nothing more than just plain ash… suppose to meet u at Sing Post Centre earlier on to collect some stuff and you end up being late… by 1 hr, was feuding mad though you kept saying sorry… it just makes no sense at all and you can tell me you did not sleep last night… do i care? I don’t coz it has got nothing to do with me… not that i am ruthless… it is just becoz you have never really been punctual and whenever I want to look for you and you will end up being no where to be found… how am i suppose to work with you as a team when you are always the one being late? can’t you be punctual? it just makes no sense at all… well I’m just too tired to carry on blabbering away… just hope i had not known you… since the beginning of it all… but i don’t think that will ever happen…


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