now… there’s only 1 month left of the holiday… actually should be 35days more to school re-opening… hahaz… anyways… looking at my list… I have only 2 more things to complete over the next 35 days or so…

– DESIGNmania Competition posters

by the pool (novel) <- could not finish in time for NaNoWriMo…

went down to City Hall area in the late afternoon for a stroll since i’m feeling a little moody today… out of a sudden… anyways… got nothing much to do today after the end of the Psychology paper… hahaz… anyways… tomorrow will be going to corp for training then afternoon go out with Amanda… to do her shopping at Orchard i think… then should be going to IKEA on Friday morning or afternoon to do my shopping for a plastic cabinet to re-arrange my room… and keep those unwanted stuff… then going out with Vincent in the evening for dinner… since no one will be home on Friday… including grandma… then Saturday… should be either home or out as well as on Sunday… out at night… but at home in the day just in case my juniors are coming over to complete the sand souvenir… hope they come over on Sat since i will be home from the afternoon… with nothing to do… hahaz…

still the same question… anyone want to buy chocs? hahaz… if you are keen please contact me… 😛 well.. i guess that’s all for now… and updated owlery with some new stuff… should be adding a hosting for Junyuan Corp this weekend… or early next week… see how things go… tmr going to corp to settle the training prog and CCA Fair 05 stuff…


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