went down to TP today to meet Jeremy for lunch as well as to collect the FNDB notes from him. It was supposed to be passed from him to Amanda last semester… however, i think Amanda did not meet him to collect… so end I have to meet him this semester to collect and pass to Jane. After having lunch at Mensa 2, went to ITAS to meet up with Jane. Then again, went back to Mensa 2 for tea. Then, after tea, walked from Mensa 2 towards ITAS Food Court… noticed that the renovation is going on well and they have finally converted the single story ITAS into 2 storey… well… hopefully the next time i go TP will get to dine there in the air-conditioned food court… hahaz…

met Yu Lun on the corrdior on my way to Mensa 2 the second time… then at Mensa 2 saw Jun Wei and on the bridge to TP saw Garbiel and Dao Jin… then after passing lunch… walked passed the level 2 labs towards the Bus Stop. Took 69 towards Bedok MRT and saw Daniel, didn’t managed to speak to Xiao Ming or Rui Long today… maybe gonna meet them some other time when i return to TP for lunch or something… hahaz…

from bedok, took a train down to Redhill to buy some stuff. Then went to Kino Bugis to buy the Basic Theory Book… and start to study for it… then came back… saw a big parcel of Precious Moments which just came in from Mindy in the USA for Amanda. Bring it over to her hse in the evening… her mum was around, so we sat down and opened the figurines to check as well as looking at her mum’s 200 ++ pieces of Precious Moments figurines.


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