lol… suppose to be monday blues… muah haha… 😛

went out in a pink top today… anyways didn’t exactly know today is Monday the 13th… just receive an sms from Connie telling me that Billy’s Mum is a NM for one of the wards in TTSH.. so i just told her… have fun… hahah… coz she is getting creepz… well the NM went ard telling the staff nurses that she is her son’s ex… which i kinda find crappy… anywyas passed by supp papers… bt the GPA dropped to 1.44 something… darn…

went out with Royston in the late morning after i went out to settle some stuff… go Orchard Lucky Plaza food court for lunch.. passed by McD and saw Sharina at the counter… she was hiding from the sight of me.. anyways… will prolly pop in someone to disturb her.. -> need her to do me a fav actually… anyways, been quite sometime since i last saw her… she usually attends class in Ghost mode…

well… am counting down to sch reopen and saw Kangz at Hereen 77th Street… didn’t know he will be going to NS soon too… prolly getting a farewell class gathering for those going NS… sadly he quit TP… well.. Mike will be going to PA tmr… all the best to him… and my apologies for being unable to meet u last last week Fri…

i guess that’s abt all… tmr.. hmm.. nt too sure… and Wednesday will back in JYSS to settle the banners + the noticeboard… and hopefully I can settle the hosting this week or next…


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