Rich Dad Books + Sports

Back into some book reading lately… with the beginning of a new Semester… yea.. Though I have been kept busy… but will still find time to spare for reading. Which explains why I went to NYP Library today to search for The Broker… lol… thought that the Meepits would have stolen a copy and put it in the school library… well.. too bad… the wait is gonna be longer… thus, will most likely reserve from National Library… or will bug the school to get it…

Anyways, This latest Book I am reading from RIch Dad is titled Success Stories… will be reading more of the books… via loaning them from the library. No point spending money since the books are expensive unless I want to end up having a Rich Dad Series Library… lol…

Well… tomorrow will be going for my 2nd swimming in the week… today was bad… coz my limbs were stiff after the swim. Did some warm up, but still.. wasn’t good enough to warm me up due to the cold water. Also, went to the Library before the swimming pool as i need to finish up my CBL – Context Based Learning.

After Swimming, we went to McDonalds… coz I was the only one swimming today anyways. Then, we went for lecture of 2hrs on Biological Science. Overall, was quite alright, everyone was quiet and attentive… but basically, today I felt drained out with 4hrs of lecture… 2 in the morning and 2 later in the afternoon, for 3 subjects though.

Came home, then went out again… Got home at around 4.30pm… Back to reading the success stories… then going to bed…


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