getting more projects and interviews coming up… tomorrow will have 4hrs of break.. of which am taking 2hrs for swimming and the rest of the time for project and eating… basically… nth much to do… and heard that the ladies will be going somewhere which means I need to be quick for my meeting…

anyways, went to Isetan to get some stuff in the morning before going to COmics Connection to buy the boosters to be mailed out to Sam. Got quite a bit of mailing to do until April…

as much as i go enjoy the projects… I just don’t understand how come there is just too many coming up… and the weightage is either 0% or 40% at max…

that aside… came home, received the check finally from a ebayer… it seems the check got mailed to SHANGHAI, CHINA instead of SINGAPORE… which explains why it took that long time to settle that…. on the other hand, I banked in the check and mailed out the stuff… and listed some new stuff on eBay… to top it all… I took 3hrs to settle everything which is really a long time… Going back to reading the Rich Dad’s Books liaoz… before i don’t even have time to…


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