had a presentation just 1hr ago… really enjoyed this part of the presentation more than before… was short, sweet and professional and prepared. Yeah! I don’t kind of understand what really brought me to raise my excitement level during the presentation and I was hyper… been very hyperventilated lately… gonna go get a medical checkup done this weekend at the polyclinic to check if there is any thing wrong with me… as suggested by my lecturer coz I have been breathing in too deeply and quickly and having a feeling like something is stuck to my throat while sleeping at night…

will be doing revision on Bio from tonight onwards… so that means little or no bio revision on weekends… and from 10pm – 11pm will be reserved for Financial Education or some self-entertainment… while 11pm – 12mn will be used for TV Shows on SCV… (Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Travel & Living, National Geographic Channel).. as for weekends, i tend to watch a movie or two on HBO on late nights… am listening to Class 95 and blogging away here… just seems there is some connection problem… and right now… it’s 3.23pm… though the blog will be up at 03.17.. :P.. yea…. alright…. going back to my reading of Rich Dad’s Retire Young, Retire Rich coz I was suppose to return it today… however the book will be delayed for returning… and has been extended.


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