it’s been quite sometime since I last chatted with Zhi Wei… just happen to be chatting with him today while I was walking out of Cold Storage Tampines Central CC… on my way back from training… and departing with Sharon… hmm, luckily i didn’t tell her that he called… haha… coz I dun know what her reaction would be.. coz they were once together.. but broke off quite sometime ago…

anyways, seems like he is really enjoying life after his o levels with working and some other stuff… which I think is just too personal on his side of the realm. Anyways, am glad that everything is going fine for him… at least since the last time we spoke in Nov 04… way before he took his O levels.

got home around 6.45pm… chated with him from 6.15pm till around 7pm.. before heading to get my dinner. Then, after dinner completed the Rich Dad’s Retre Young, Retire Rich book then moved on to do some stuff and e-mailing ms tan the stuff she wanted from me. Then, went on to pack for tomorrow’s bag and went down when it was ard 9.15pm after i took a shower to buy supper… BK Chicken Whopper Student Meal 😛

Nice day today.. going to check out the Police & SCDF Fair tmr… coz today just briefly browse thru only… was rushing home to prepare for SJAB… yeah… might consider being a paramedic Specialist after i complete Dip in Nursing.. though…


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