kinda feeling worn out lately… wonder what’s been going wrong with me… was sick again today… went to see the doctor and slept + skipped my Bio lecture on the renal anatomy… blah…

my doc noticed that I have been paying him a vist every month over flu. Had a sore throat and got some medication. chatted with him for a while… told him i was in Nursing and he asked me this “How do you find nursing?” my answer him was “pretty alright”… if you ask me why an enthusiast like me who is keen on Nursing has become such a boring person… well.. I don’t see anything great about this job… at least to my expactation… more of less… my interest has surpassed my expectations and Nursing just seems like a well.. good place for me to further my my skills… not something that i am new to. I’m tired… not because of what I am studying… but of the undue stress i have exerted on myself.. been stoning in front of my pc without a sense of direction on where i am heading towards. Bad… very bad…

Anyways, he told me… what matters most in life is to be happy… it’s very true… and for a job to be satisfactory, you ought to be in the top 3%… he was in the top 3% of his cohort… and he feels happy about what he is doing as a GP though he doesn’t earn as much as a Heart Surgeon. From what he was saying to me… it seems like someone is knocking at my door to tell me that… you should rethink about what you really want… and don’t slow down you pace when you have made up your mind. That is what i interpret his words as… before i left i told him that I am keen on going to the paradmedic field… he told me to think twice before making a decision looking at the carrer path… coz in Singapore… the probabilty of career advancement is rather slow… still i need sometime to think… whether to go into orthopedic or physiotheraphy or Paramedic Specialist.. takes time for me to think and deicde…

Guess he can sense that I am stressed i think… whatever the path for me… I’ll take every stride with condifence and complete this course which i enjoy… yeah… and happy birthday to jessica… and thanks to all who have been very concern about my health…


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